Is today the day we get 7 ???

I wouldn't get too excited about it. It is still loaded with problems and blue screens. I downloaded the x64 bit version last night and installed it on my notebook and it took 3 hours to install on an AMD dual core X64 processor with 4 GB of ram. The video driver is not recognized. Downloading the most recent one from ATI blue screens the OS. So far, I'm not impressed at all.
i have installed Windows 7 a number of times now, and i have had no problems whatsoever. It takes 20 mins from start to finish, and i have never had a BSOD. i have nvidia GFX card, and the drivers are very stable (this time) This is the best OS that i have used personally, and recommend it highly. perhaps your issue is with ATI, and not windows.


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Wait a sec... So you all are Technet subsribers??? Or am I just blind and can't find the download on the official Win7 homepage?!
With a Technet Plus subscription is it possible to download Windows 7.


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Oh yeah... right... :D

The issue has been resolved. It was a corrupted download from Technet. I redownloaded it again and this time it installed in 32 minutes. While this is not as quick as everyone else is reporting at 20 minutes, it is faster than the 3.5 hours it was taking with the corrupted download.

It is odd though that the corrupted download installed without any errors during the installation. It took 3.5 hours, but had no error messages.

Thanks again for everyone's help.

Glad to hear you got it fixed! I wanted to suggest a corrupt copy but I kept my mouth shut because you had gotten it from technet.. so I didn't think that would be a possibility.. but anyway I'm glad you got it fixed and can now start to enjoy Windows 7! :)

Technet isn't really that bad of a deal especially in a year in which MS is releasing an OS or Office. The yearly rate is 349 plus 249 to renew. They have like all their software available with keys for download. MSDN TM version of Vista which was the same version that the computer manufacturers install on the system sold to the public.

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