Issue: Microsoft Edge (Canary channel)


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OS: Windows 10 Home
Browser: Version (Official build) canary (64-bit) Microsoft Edge

Hey guys. I'm using Microsoft's Edge browser, the Canary channel and the version mentioned above. My problem is, When I have the browser open, it runs modal or it runs as though its king. I can open paint3D, or File Explorer or any other window for that matter and have it move to the front. Edge is stealing the show!

As I write, I tried to get the window for Spotify to open, however the browser seems to get in the way. the only way I can get around this is to minimize the browser, THEN, click on the other window I want to focus on.

Anyone else having this issue besides me? If so, is there a "fix" or work around to change this? I'll try and make MS Edge NOt my default browser and see if that gets rid of the issue.


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Because its beta, or even alpha, its hard to say what is causing this. If you are experiencing it, its hopefully probable that others are as well. Have you considered using the Feedback Hub just in case? I wouldn't be too disturbed, as they are switching to Chromium, if they haven't already. I put my laptop on 201H1 (maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment at this point), but so far the build seems fairly stable that I am on. If its absolutely elusively annoying, you could revert back to the current version. I would try hard resetting the browser first.


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Yes I did that, explaining the problem to Microsoft. 201H1... yeah, you're brave! lol. Thanks. hopefully, it won't be an issue anymore next update.