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Discussion in 'Windows 8 Help and Support' started by Blacky2ooo, Oct 21, 2015.

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    I have been trying to capture audio from a cassette tape. I have used both Audacity and NCH software, getting the same result.
    When I listen to the cassette's replay there is good normal continuous audio, but when I capture it using these programs it is like every second word is left out and quite disjointed,
    This leads me to believe that it might be Windows 8.1. Can anyone shed light on this or suggest other software to capture what should be a straight forward recording.

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    Is your Cassette recorder physically plugged into an OUTPUT PORT of your computer or laptop? What make/model is your computer? Is it a Desktop PC or a laptop?

    If you're trying to record audio with an old cassette player/recorder (like from back in the 70s), and you just are putting an old style cable-microphone up to the computer or laptop speakers--this WON'T WORK! You need to have a cable running from the computer's audio out port (such as SPEAKER OUT port; mini-bnc) into the INPUT PORT of your cassette recorder. I worked with a Customer of mine who was a professional recording engineer and this is how he does it. Otherwise, due to discriminatory decibel mismatch and any background noises in your room or even an adjoined room will cause cut-outs in the audio recording as you experienced.

    Good luck,
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