Windows 11 ity hard drives


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Mar 31, 2011
Are the Samsung Evo SSD 500GB 860 and the 870 interchangeable so I can just swap them out without conflict?
I could either format the new or create a new simple volume, or better yet recover a Macrium image?

they are not interchangeable no but a Macrium image should be fine yes

I have to get the same drive in there now right?
What does one do for an upgrade or if hypothetically there were no more of the original?
I looked at both, one in my bay with sata and power cables and one in the store's catalogue and they appear to be the same size. It must be an electronic reason why they are not interchangeable, correct? They look like square playing cards 1/4 inch thick not a stick of gum.
Thanks for the help?

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I have checked around and it appears that they are interchangeable both are 2.5 in size so in your opinion why are they not interchangeable?
Thank you for the continued help