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Hi guys,

I'm having trouble with inputting stuff in Japanese. I have a standard European/American keyboard and normally this means that whenever I press "s" and "a" I'd get "さ" (Japanese "sa"), but now for every button I press a character appears (e.g. if I press "s" the result is "と" (Japanese "to")).

I suspect this is hotkey-toggled but have no idea how to switch back. In Win 7 there was a little button in the taskbar that, if pressed, caused the above-described situation. Any suggestions?

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Here is a link to all hotkeys: Keyboard shortcuts - Windows Help

Look at: Ctrl+Shift - Switch the keyboard layout when multiple keyboard layouts are available

The taskbar keyboard icon can be switched on again, you will find that option by right clicking on the taskbar.

Hope it helps

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perhaps you have the wrong input (keyboard) selected?

Look in settings - Time and Language, and see if you have the possibility to type in a different one.

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