John McAfee announces NSA blocking D-Central


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Having survived a murder accusation of a fellow ex-Patriot American in the nation of Belize, former US ex-patriot and anti-virus founder of McAfee, Inc., John McAfee, used all of the tools at his disposal to escape what he described as certain death at the hands of Belizean authorities. Running on the lam to Guatemala, the original author of McAfee Anti-virus escaped questioning and possible indefinite detainment through a series of media manipulations and escape methods, including faking a heart attack and uploading evidence of corruption and attempts against his life in Belize to YouTube and his blog. A high ranking Guatemalan judge ruled against his extradition to Belize and McAfee secured safe passage to Miami, Florida. By this time, the Gang Suppression Unit in Belize had reportedly burned many of his multi-million dollar properties to the ground. McAfee claimed he refused to pay out a $2 million dollar bribe to Belizean officials and that he had been framed.

Once allowed to go free by a Guatemalan judge, McAfee was seen walking around South Beach in Miami, Florida, disheveled and reportedly ordering hundreds of dollars’ worth of sushi. He soon moved to Portland, Oregon and has since done a number of interviews, one of which expressed his desire to get back into the security business. Analysts quickly dismissed McAfee, 68, as a relic of the past, having sold McAfee, Inc. and resigning in 1994.

Earlier in the month McAfee had pledged to fundamentally change the Internet, which garnered lukewarm responses, if not outright rejection, from top security analysts.

But his latest press conference in San Jose has the media going wild. Why? John McAfee is back in Silicon Valley and claims to have designed a device that will prevent the National Security Agency (NSA), or any other organization, from wiretapping your Internet location or approximating your location using a $100 USD device called “D-Central”. The device will purportedly create decentralized networks that are untraceable.

D-Central will apparently interact with smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices to decentralize and create floating point local area networks (LANs). And he’s purportedly been thinking about this idea for years, but the Edward Snowden incident prompted him to accelerate his work on the project.

In his most famous comments to date, McAfee stated, "There will be no way (for the government) to tell who you are or where you are”. If the device is banned in the United States, McAfee pledged, "I'll sell it in England, Japan, the Third World. This is coming and cannot be stopped."


When asked if the device could be used for nefarious purposes, he quipped that “the telephone is used for nefarious purposes”.

McAfee, 68, has already sold the rights to his life story to a Hollywood movie production company, based on the charges brought against him, and his daring escape in Belize. He worked for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) as a programmer from 1968 to 1970. Later on he worked for Xerox and Lockheed Martin.

By 1987, McAfee founded McAfee Associates, his now famous anti-virus company. He has since disavowed his former ties to the company, apparently acknowledging the lackluster developments that have taken place within that software since he resigned from the company. As of 2010, McAfee, Inc. is now owned by Intel Corporation.

Further information: D-Central Launch Site (Future Tense)

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Some story. I may have mentioned this earlier, Civil Action 92-0449, but it's all very much about "you checking me - I checking you". I don't want you to check me, and I'm quite sure you don't want me to check you. Friends, okay, but then we'll go fishing or camping, or something, to Disneyland?


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