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While it is not June yet, its time to be prepared. We continue to provide the latest internal builds of vBulletin for all members on both http://windows7forums.com and Windows 8 Forums.

These builds are still in development, but include fixes to the existing editor code we began running some time ago. Currently, we have executed a simultaneous upgrade tonight using the following code branch tree:

version 414
branch svn://svn.jelsoft.com/vbulletin/suite/4.1/tags/2011-05-17-414_rc-2
last check in 43588 (05-17-11 17:10:49 CDT)

See here for a list of all issues currently resolved in the public release

version 414
branch svn://svn.jelsoft.com/vbulletin/suite/4.1/tags/2011-05-23-414_rc
last check in 43756 (05-23-11 16:59:53 CDT)

The fixes indicated include both a public and private release of the code. The private release is distributed only to vBulletin pre-development team contributors and volunteers, upon which we are credited for solving numerous issues.

Additional fixes since that time:

VBIV-11754 Popup message when exiting editor is misleading.
VBIV-11753 Autosave does not load titles
VBIV-12121 CKE: Bug with the plaintext parser and lists.
VBIV-12027 "Restore text" and autosave prepopulation into the editor behaviour - illogical?
VBIV-11985 Lastpost Data is incorrect for threads.
VBIV-12038 Include Smilies Button in Quick Reply Editor
VBIV-2964 Useless phrases
VBIV-11937 Incorrect error message is displayed while navigating to another page
VBIV-11898 Admin Help is Missing for "Autosave Content" Setting
VBIV-11912 Two New Editor StyleVars Are Missing their Phrases
VBIV-11911 Redundant Phrases of Inexistent StyleVar
VBIV-11751 Double click on 'Edit Post' in a thread gives Javascript error
VBIV-11794 What's New not available in Mobile Application
VBIV-11744 Email BB Code Cannot Be Inserted with Buttons in Source Mode
VBIV-8778 Editor is fixed-width in the forums; variable width (window-size dependent) for CMS, Blogs,Visitor Messages, PMs
VBIV-11948 horizontal scrolling while pressing the buttons in the editor
VBIV-12094 [Regression] Pasting copied HTML page in to new editor yields text only version
VBIV-12092 Cannot submit posts using Safari on the iPad

All of these issues are resolved and as we move closer to a final version, you should notice the new editor coming into full maturity and fruition. The bug reports of many users have been helpful in this endeavor, as we continue to work with vBulletin to provide both bug reports and occasional bug fixes.

vBulletin is the premier forum software suite for online communities and is widely known as an industry standard. Windows7Forums.com uses only the best software and hardware on our servers to provide a strong, up-to-date database, whereas many other Windows community forums are using forum code from years ago. You can identify the version a forum site is running by viewing the HTML source code and checking the META data for those pages. We continue to bring bleeding edge updates to our members as these updates become available.

This will allow us to promote new ideas for the software, work with the software development team, and provide extremely useful feedback that will improve the product for all website visitors. So far, the changes to the editor are slowly, but assuredly, becoming a success. As we now see the new editor itself far surpassing the capabilities of the old WYSIWYG editor.



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Great forum news here tonight in programming! The core forum software has been updated again to a nightly build of 4.1.4, which includes additional bug fixes and enhancements:

version 414
branch svn://svn.jelsoft.com/vbulletin/suite/4.1/tags/2011-05-27-414_rc
last check in 43928 (05-27-11 16:59:47 CDT)

The following bug fixes, changes, improvements, and issues were addressed since last time:

VBIV-12137 Random \9 in album.css
VBIV-12141 IE9 locks up (tab) after clicking post reply in QR
VBIV-12152 CKEditor extra line below quote box
VBIV-12139 In new editor, default font should be Tahoma for CMS and Verdana for everything else
VBIV-12005 Unable to insert a smiley button in the edit visitor message editor
VBIV-11898 Admin Help is Missing for "Autosave Content" Setting
VBIV-11970 Smilies not displaying in editor smilie popup when using full path for the smilie URLs
VBIV-12143 custom BB code button do not show pictures
VBIV-12060 Switch Editor mode not clear
VBIV-12065 Error: vB_Editor.vB_Editor_001.open_smilie_window is not a function
VBIV-12049 Quick reply editor becomes empty (gray) if you click reply with quote > type something > press cancel > it becomes normal if you click cancel again
VBIV-12093 After Preview Post button is pressed Editor Mode resets to default
VBIV-5766 Too Much Memory Used To Generate online.php
VBIV-12046 "Smilie Menu Total Smilies" Setting Adding +1 to the Entered Value
VBIV-12118 Script error thrown upon clicking 'Insert Row' without creating a table
VBIV-12091 Outer Border is missing for tables in Visitor messages
VBIV-12198 Update YUI (Yahoo! User Interface) to 2.9.0
VBIV-12128 Extra bullet point causes bulleted list to display poorly.
VBIV-12116 [Non-WYSIWYG] font/font size/color menu don't work properly [on IE9 at least]
VBIV-12011 Styling issue in Safari in Insert Image popup when selecting "From Computer"
VBIV-8882 Handling "Canceled Reversal" Transaction
VBIV-5766 Too Much Memory Used To Generate online.php

This is an unreleased nightly build of the software that is being tested.

While many of these changes may seem difficult to describe or understand, they are key to finalizing the new WYSIWYG editor that the forum is using, as well as correcting a number of new and long-standing issues. The site will continue to be updated in a timely fashion. Bug reports have gone a long way in helping to bring about these changes.

Once 4.1.4 of the forum software is finalized (gold version), efforts to bring about Android and iPhone mobile applications will be introduced to the website for SmartPhone users.


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New Forum Code Update JUNE 11, 2011 - Windows 7 Forums is pleased to announce the launch of the final version of vBulletin 4.1.4 as the software back-end for all online activities. The fixes since our last announcement address issues, including:
  • VBIV-12148 Preview Break Displays Horizontal Rule - v4.1.4b1
  • VBIV-11886 Disallowing BB codes in the settings of a forum causes the entire editor toolbar not to be displayed
  • VBIV-12144 New CK Editor do not show up
  • VBIV-12280 Switching from Source Mode to WYSIWYG Mode Causes Line Breaks to be Removed when Submitting/Previewing the Message
  • VBIV-12277 Quick Edit in Visitor Messages, Picture Comments and Group Messages Displays the Complete Editor Toolbar
  • VBIV-12274 In Quick edit WYSIWYG mode link option 'Email' is missing in the dropdown
  • VBIV-12269 Unable to insert a image using basic uploader
  • VBIV-12235 Advanced Insert Image Popup setting ignored by CKEditor
  • VBIV-12259 Right click in empty editor space does not display desired popup menu
  • VBIV-12306 Advanced Uploader broken in the Insert Image popup in Quick Edit screen if Quick Reply is set to "No" or "Yes, click required"
  • VBIV-12163 Member List Pagination doesn't work
  • VBIV-12247 "Restore Auto-Saved Text" and "Reply With Quote" Remove Line Breaks in Source Mode
  • VBIV-12311 If Quick Reply is disabled, blog comment Quick Edit doesn't work (editor not loaded and "Save", "Go Advanced", "Cancel" don't work)
  • VBIV-12295 Image settings not working and also upon mouse over pencil icon does not show up
  • VBIV-11886 Disallowing BB codes in the settings of a forum causes the entire editor toolbar not to be displayed
These are bug fixes and enhancements that have been made since our early adoption of 4.1.4 beta and release candidate nightly builds. Currently, the website is running the latest gold release of version 4.1.4. This release, in totality, includes the following:

Resolved Issues

  • CMS HTML Editor Buggy as Hell
  • WYSIWYG Editing not available for Opera browser users
  • Switch to Editor Mode Causes Article Text to Disappear
  • Retrieve remote image fails.
  • insert table not working
  • Cookieless browsing issue for Apply in CMS editor
  • insert table not working
  • IE6 RTL: Tags field in text editor is in LTR mode.
  • Carriage Returns being added/removed on article save
  • Firefox: Buggy Paste of Forum-Links
  • Standard Editor does not support Add an Image from URL
  • Firefox: Buggy Paste of #3-Links
  • Add the same table code that is in CMS to forum.
  • Insert All missing from Attachments Paper Clip Drop Down (Regression from vB3)
  • Thumbnail and Image Editing/Resizing
  • Font Drop Down Box not showing its font in the font type
  • Tab Key Function with tables
  • Pasted Articles Not Formatted Correctly in CMS
  • Can't edit image properties of thin images using the WYSIWYG editor
  • Users Cannot Use "Insert Table" Button In The CMS Editor If "Forum Active" Is Set To "No"
  • Center text new thread
  • What's New not available in Mobile Application
  • Malformed Query Causes Loop Through Every User
  • Anyone can change the thumbnail size of any attachment
  • Slow Query In forumdisplay.php
  • Too Much Memory Used To Generate online.php
  • XMLsitemap does not generate correct URLs for blog and article content when using domain/blogs and domain/content
  • Handling "Canceled Reversal" Transaction
  • Can't drag uploaded attachments (IE9)
  • Change API newtop to get threads, articles and blogs that have been posted [to] last.
  • After approving moderated album pictures, "recently updated albums" and album display on user profile are not updated
  • Old YUI version failing vBulletin in numerous places on IE9
  • Lastpost Data is incorrect for threads.
  • Typo in Skimlinks package
  • Today's Posts - give it back to us
  • Multi-quote sticking around for next reply with quote
  • Measures to stop the loss of QR, QE content/changes loss
  • StyleVars Are Not Properly Mapped into User Profile Customization Colors, Resulting in Unreadable Areas
  • Query to determine first post in thread can take 60 seconds and is unnecessary
  • Some characters double html encoded when using quick reply and iconv not present
  • header_background changes font colors
  • NONOTICES for ajax.php
  • [Blog] Date to Publish
  • Group Quick Reply doesn't show error messages
  • Pencil icon appears below or next to attached image
  • [Maximum Custom Page Characters] ignored
  • Posting a reply to a blog entry in cookieless mode logs the user out
  • Parse links in text fails on links with trailing )
  • Deleting a CMS grid doesn't delete the associated grid template
  • IE6: Can't add tags in CMS article editor
  • Unnecessary HTTP Request on every page if YUI is loaded from Yahoo
  • Style Generator: default setting behaves quite differently in 4.0.8 than 4.0.7
  • BBCode quotenot handled correctly if username contains special characters
  • Stylevar "vbcms_article_mid_fontSize" is missing
  • Code Review includes/class_api.php
  • Hook template_register_var not working correctly
  • Error in error handler for message too long: 'null' is null or not an object
  • Blog admin changes needed for Impex blog to blog importer
  • Missing '=' in a JS file
  • Reply With Quote has cursor starting at wrong location
  • New Youtube Share Links Not Parsing Via BB Code
Outstanding Notes Many issues reported by Windows 7 Forums members have been corrected in the 4.1.4. There are some issues we are still looking into:
  • We are confirming that all Profile Privacy options are working. We believe that we have been able to produce an issue that may require developers take a look at it, although more research is necessary. Thanks, Ciara!
  • Memberlist Pagination has been fixed, and was the result of some programming issues in one of the 4.1.4 release candidates.
  • Auto-save functionality in the brand new CKEditor interface was initially kind of funky. We believe that changes to the editor have resolved most of these oddities.
  • We are aware that posting from Windows Phone may be an issue and are looking into it.
  • If the "Mark Forums Read" option at the bottom of the forum home does not work properly, we encourage members to use the drop down from "Forum Actions" at this time.
  • We continue to looki into oddities and bugs related to the Android phone application for Windows7Forums.com.
As we continue to work closely with our development partners, viewers should be pleased to know that in-line text advertising has been suspended until further notice. We are pleased to announce that we are looking into re-opening the forum moderator / volunteer staff application at this time. However, please wait until an official announcement becomes available. Thanks for reading!

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