Windows 7 Just curious to know...


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Hey all,

As the title says, I'm just curious to know, how many people think the Final build of Windows 7 will be released in 2009? From the research I've done it seems like MS could in theory release it now if they really wanted to. Keep in mind that's just an observation on my part, I'm in no way saying that they should release it now, I'm just curious what you all think. Especially those of you that actually have the M3 build...

Pardon my ignorance if this has already been asked, I searched to make sure it wasn't but people do make mistakes.


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Don't forget the RC's and RTM's first. No criticism of MS intended, but working on their own history of delays, I would guess about the middle of 2010.


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Windows 7 will be released before thanksgiving next year so that it can go on sale for the day after thanksgiving sale a microsoft spokesman said.