Just Keeps Crashing.

I've installed and re-installed windows 7 several times on my computer but it keeps crashing randomly. I can't put my finger on the cause or anything, its odd because i've also never seen this type of crash.

My computer:
Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate
4.00 GM Ram
AMD Athlon Processor 2650e 1.60GHz
NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE

Here's some pictures of the crash.
Windows 7 Crashes pictures by MiNiEKE - Photobucket


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Kind of looks like a video problem. Have you installed any drivers yourself or just the Windows built-in ones?

Have you checked for any new drivers on the Nvidia or manufacturer's site?

Well I know I installed a display driver if that's the same thing.
I downloaded it from Windows update

Was that a problem?


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My personal experience is that a video driver from Windows can be a problem. I always try to use the ones from the manufacturer.

Even if it might be causing a problem, you can update it, assuming you can find one. You could even try rolling it back to see if it improves.

If you can start and run in Safe Mode, that means a driver is probably causing your problem. If you then use MSConfig.exe to set the system to use basic vodep drivers while in normal wildows and it still works, then that would help pin the problem down to just the video driver.

You need to be observant and watch what you system is doing and if you can find anything in common prior to the crashes. There were some instances of AMD processors and heat. You could test that by leaving the case open and maybe using an external fan.

I know that it was doing this even before i updated the driver too. Ive restored it a couple times too. Nothing different occurs.. Just this same old crash x_X... But i'll try doing what you just said and i'll get back to this thread

I haven't done safe mode yet but I have done the msconfig thing and it hasn't crashed yet. Its been about 6 hours

I left for an hour and a alf andI came back and my screen was just black. It wasn't sleeping, it wasn't turned off, and I pressed the mouse and keyboard buttons lots of times and nothing happened. So I restarted it. Should I try it in safe mode? Because that is what I am gonna do now.

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