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I know KB2919355 is a mandatory update for all Win 8.1 users.
What I want to know is..... how come I get to install it twice ?
First I installed it was on Aril 3rd when I installed 5 Win 8.1.1 updates.
Yesterday, It showed up on my Windows Update notification. So, I installed it again.

Note :There is a slight difference in the name of the same KB.

Image 1.png

Checking mine, I only see it installed once and that was on the 8th of this month. I looked all the way back through April....nothing. I know you could grab it early from MS download server or what ever it's called. There were 4 of them to grab. Did you get it that way?

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Actually there were 6 updates.
KB2919422 we already had installed some time ago.
KB2939087 is not required
So only 4 updates were installed on April 3rd. ( my screenshot).

Just wonder if the 2 KB2919355 are different. If not, why the system installed a duplicate ?

You got me...I have no clue.


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On April 3rd, I saved the Win 8.1.1 updates into my Downloads folder.
At the time I downloaded the updates, they were all called Windows 8.1

Image 7.png

Those look like they came from the MS server download site and not through windows update. I did the same thing, saved them to my downloads folder as well...but 2 of them wouldn't install so I just gave up, uninstalled them and deleted them from the downloads folder and waited till the 8th to install from windows update.

Guessing here; if that's the case, then when the updates came through the "windows update" they may very well show up as being installed twice and with a different name format.


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This is the standalone update, Update downloaded from MSDN


If interested, this is what the text file says

Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows RT 8.1
Recommended Install Order
1. KB2919442
2. KB2919355
3. KB2932046
4. KB2937592
5. KB2938439
6. KB2949621

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Yep...that's it Dave. Thanks.

Ew, ew, ew, oh, oh, Mr. Cooooootter. <-- my Horshack impression

I know what that KB # is :D

Now, maybe, I should/could would read the OP, lol

Ok, I read it.

It was so nice
They installed it twice?


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