Kernal Power 41 (63) Random System Crash/Restart.

Hey Athlonite. That Kernal Power event shows whenever there is a crash. It's nothing specific to go on. All it does is really signify there actually was a crash of some sort. Thank you though! :)

Mcin7, the crash dump posted is 0xA memory corruption stop. This very much confirms my belief that AVG was causing a problem when it was installed then.
What you can try is to go to C:\Program Files (x86) and make sure the AVG folder is now completely gone. Delete it if not.

Then go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers

Delete any of these if they are there:


Then for good measure, regardless if you had to delete anything or not, use CCleaner to clean the registry of everything it finds. Reboot.


Please use CPU-Z to post a screenshot of the SPD and memory tabs. Perhaps something is not so well with that for some reason. Here is a reference for the installed memory to compare:

PC3-10660 1333MHz C7 & C9 VALUE DUAL CHANNEL - Products - GeIL Memory

None of those folders/files existed.

Done the CCleaner, still crashing.

Here are the CPU-Z Screenshots:
ImageShack Album - 6 images

Two things I would try, in this order:

1) There is no spec in CPU-Z shown for what the command rate should be set to. Usually, if memory can operate well under 1T, it will say 1T in the SPD tab. In this case, it is blank.

So, you can try to go into the bios and set the command rate to be 2T. Simply, if the memory wasn't designed for 1T and it is running at it, that will definitely cause crashes.


Continuing to deal with the actual memory, you could use Memtest86+ to test the modules one at a time for errors. (Physically remove one of the sticks, then when done, place the other in while removing original.)
You could also test with both modules in but that could actually show fine during testing when there is a defect.

More successful runs, the better. Overnight is best.

2) Consider removing all Apple software to get the Apple Charger driver off the system. I doubt it is presenting a problem, but I have increasingly seen it show in crash dumps as of late.

While I was waiting, I was running a Prime95 Test.

All workers get errors in under 5 minutes of testing.
The system does not seem to crash while you're running the tests though.

If possible, I would completely replace the RAM with another brand that is compatible. The RAM modules are most likely the problem here. Test for some time like this and see how it goes.

If good, RMA the original RAM to the manufacturer for refund.

If still no good, the motherboard is the problem.

Going to change the Motherboard and RAM this morning, and start a fresh windows install.

I'll let you know how I went, but thanks so much for the help, it's annoying how it didn't crash during post until recently, otherwise I would have replaced the Motherboard and RAM sooner.

Ended up getting a ASRock h55m-le Motherboard, and some Kingston RAM, working fine.

Thanks for the help guys - Matt.

Glad to hear it. Cool! You're welcome.


I have just started a new thread, below is what I wrote. It might work, it has for me.

I built my own system a few weeks ago and installed Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. Started getting the Event 41 reboots, no BSOD, Windows would just reboot and then give and Event 41 error when I checked in the event log.
I rebuilt a number of times assuming I had installed something wrong or put incorrect drivers on. Nothing helped and it got to the point when Windows wouldn't stay on for more then a few minutes before rebooting.
After searching the internet for over a week I found a forum, sadly I can't remember where it was as I would like to thank the original poster, I found a potential fix.
It was suggested by the poster that if you up the Northbridge voltage in the BIOS by one setting it should do the trick. After a quick search to find out which voltage setting that was for my BIOS and MB I upped it from 1.1v to 1.14. i also fixed the CPU voltage which was set to AUTO and changed it to the figure that the BIOS was reporting, 1.25625v.

Since doing this I have not had a crash and the system has been stable for two days. I ppreciate this is not a long time but conisdering I was getting less than 5 mins max it would seem that this little tweak has done the job.

I hope some of you may find this useful, hopefully you will have some joy as well.


i7 980x, GA-X58A-UD3R, 12Gb Corsair, 650w TX PSU, FX380

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