Kernel-power critical ID 41 (63)

wait, if i delete it and reboot, doesnt windows make its own "lite" version of the driver? or is that something else..
or do i do what TorrentG said? like paste this file into my system32 drivers? which one, im confuddled!

Generic driver won't prevent you from installing the one from Intel.

Follow TG's suggestion first, if shouldn't work then follow mine.

Done, ok, so thats should solve it? if so, Thanks alot! i shall be spreading more of my pathetic cries for help if this works not! lol, ty :D

Yes, the bsod issues should now be solved. If you have more crashes, post the dumps and we can take things from there.

I really doubt you will have any more crashes though.

yeah, look in BSOD thread...
This must be a MASSIVE pain in the a** for you!

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