Keyboard Shortcut To Activate A Hyperlink In MS Word

Hi. First post.

I have links in a Word document. I need to find a way to open the links using only my keyboard and not my mouse. Using the mouse I can go the the link, select the link, right click over the highlighted link, and select Open Hyperlink. All this can be done with the mouse. But how do I do all this using the keyboard. Thank you in advance for your reply.


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Use your keyboard arrow keys to place the curser over the hyperlink then press your {[enter]/ [return]} key... assumes you don't have hyperlinks disabled in your Microsoft-Word security settings.

Some keyboards (eg, most Asus laptops) also have a {right-click} key...

...tip, the button next to the right [alt] key.

Escellent!!!!!! Thank you very much

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