Windows 10 Keyboard Typing On Its Own


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I'm having a very strange issue. I have a computer that is typing on its own. Just a ton of random letters and it never ends. I've tried multiple keyboards, disconnecting from all internet connects and even formatted the HDD and re-installed windows. Even if I do not have a keyboard plugged in, it type on its own. I'm not sure what else to try. Any suggestions?


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Hi and welcome to the forum :up:

We see this a lot. If you have a laptop, it's quite likely the internal keyboard has a stuck or broken key and is stuck in the "type" position. This is a $15 part, but will cost you $100 or so to have a repair shop fix it; some keyboards are an hour of work, some take a couple of days since it's a complete teardown of the laptop and opening it's guts up and putting it all back together properly.:waah:

Make/Model age of computer or laptop would be helpful. Are you the original owner? Did you buy it used or refurbished? From where? Or was it gifted to you? Thrift store or Yard Sale??

Also, if it's a desktop PC, power it off, and completely remove the hard drive. Attempt to boot into BIOS; you should be able to one or more of your USB or PS/2 keyboards working with it. If not, you have a broken keyboard decoder chip in the Motherboard, and that is NOT fixable. New Mobos run from $175-$1,500 US. If that's the case, you should be looking a replacing that computer.



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Thanks for the reply! It is a custom built desktop. I tried multiple keyboards, all Razer products, same result. I tried a cheap $30 keyboard, it stopped doing it. Still confused why it was happening. Is there software inside in the keyboards that could have malfunctioned? Just weird it still happened after a format if it was a software issue in the computer.


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Hi Justin,
Thanks for your reply back. Was the $30 keyboard a USB or PS/2 keyboard (the round plug)? In any case, if the key-repeating thing stopped with that $30 keyboard, it's not the keyboard encoder/decoder on your Mobo. It's a driver issue with the Razer keyboards.:headache: I have a similar one of those on my Desktop PC here but it's not a custom-built, it's a Dell desktop. Mine is a Corsair Raptor K40 gaming keyboard. I would theorize that there is a problem with your W10, or possibly a virus/malware infection in your computer is keeping your Razer keyboard driver from working correctly. :andwhat: I hear from my Gamer friends here on this forum that there are viruses that specifically attack Gamer keyboards on gaming sites.:waah:

I would suggest you try the following:

Scan/remove for viruses using your built in AV program (Antivirus).
3.) Download the free MALWAREBYTES antispyware virus scanner from Scan/remove all spyware viruses found.
4.) Reboot your PC and retry one of the Razer keyboards again. If it works, the removal of viruses repaired the problem and it's fixed. :up:
5.) If #4 test does not work, you should make sure to visit the Razer support site and download the newest driver for the Razer keyboard model you are trying to make work from this link: Razer Support
6.) Above links on Razer site appear to contain updated W10 drivers for all their keyboards. The Microsoft drivers in W10 might not work for the specific models you are having the problem work. Retest. If the Razer keyboard you are testing with newly downloaded W10 drivers from Razer website works, it is fixed for that Razer keyboard. :up:
7.) You may wish to repeat Step #6 on each of the other Razer keyboards you have by downloading/installing new W10 drivers for each of them. If any of those other Razer keyboards fail, but the rest work, discard that keyboard and any others that fail. They are faulty and must be replaced or junked.:waah:
8.) If none of the above works, and the problem persists with all the Razer keyboards and the new W10 downloaded drivers, it's most likely due to Windows registry corruption, or faulty hardware on your current system configuration. If this is the case, you then need to refer to the following hardware troubleshooting article I wrote to test your hardware first. If any faulty hardware is found (most likely a bad hard drive or RAM stick), you must replace it until the tests all pass. Then proceed to the embedded link in my article for software repairs.
Here is the link to my article: Windows 10 - Unclickable Task Bar
Start with POST #6 under my username of BIGBEAREJEDI.
I suggest you print out the entire article on another working computer so you have hardcopy to work with while attempting to repair things.
Following this article's procedures will result in a repair 90% of the time if done correctly. :up: Testing your hardware first for faulty hardware and replacing it if necessary precludes you from fixing the problem, and only having it reappear again in the near future which is a waste of your time and effort.

Hopefully, you'll resolve your problem long before you get to Step #9. :clover: It's doubtful you have bad hardware from your response, but this will eliminate that as a cause. In computers that are 3 years old or older (you didn't say how old yours is), often a corrupted or damaged windows coexists with faulty hardware or at least presents the symptoms of both. Therefore you have to test both and repair both to achieve a permanent resolution to your problem. Replacing faulty hardware or repairing/reinstalling windows almost always fixes these sorts of problems as I stated.

Post back and let us know how it goes or if you have any further questions along the way. We are here 24x7x365.

Best of luck,:encouragement: