KSOD after using Konboot

My daughter forgot her password for her netbook running Windows 7 Starter, so first I used Ophcrack, which was unable to get the password. I then proceeded to try Kon-boot 1.0, which bypasses the Windows login screen, only for it to break something.

To be fair, it was my fault for not understanding that it simply bypasses login, I thought it'd remove the password like other tools I planned to use next. After using Kon-boot I got a BSOD, but was unable to see what it said. Even after booting normally, I was getting BSODs, so I decided to run a startup repair. The repair was going fine until my dog happened to trip on the cord and remove the power cable without me realizing, causing it to run out of battery mid-repair.

So once I started my computer up again, I no longer had a BSOD. Instead, I was greeted to the Windows logo followed by a black screen with a movable cursor. Even when I go to safe mode, I get a black screen with a movable cursor. Ctrl+alt+del does nothing, trying to activate sticky keys with shiftx5 does nothing as well.

I've tried another repair and it states it finds errors that it was unable to fix. I tried SFC /SCANNOW and it also states it found errors it was unable to repair. I tried check disk, repairing MBR, repairing boot sector, and still nothing. I've even tried editing registry entries as suggested here but I still get KSOD.

I'm interested in the PrevX KSOD fix, but can't use it since ctrl+alt+del does nothing. Would it possibly work if I ran it through command prompt on the recovery disk?

Are there any other suggestions anyone has? I have no external hard drive large enough to back up her files, I'd rather not take the chance that the previous Windows install fails to be moved to a Windows.old folder if I decide to re-install.

I have no backups or restore points, and Last Known Good Configuration gives me KSOD.


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If this were my laptop I would just reset it back to factory default either by using the hidden partition or the recovery software that came branded with the laptop.

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