Language changed but still shows incorrect language in some areas


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I recently purchased a new PC which was shipped from France. Inevitably the initial setup was in French but I eventually managed to get it switched to English after a crash course in the French native lingo (not easy!)

My problem is, even after doing this, yes my Windows 8 mainly displays English but there are some parts where it still display French, i.e after doing Windows updates you get a splash screen which I think is telling me the updates are installing (in French) and also the welcome screen says 'Bienvue' apose to 'Welcome'.

is there another setting somewhere I might have missed?


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Thanks for the suggestion - Although this only allows me to install a language pack for Windows which is already installed and working (Windows is displaying and working in English). My issue is various login/shutdown/installing updates screens which still display in French

I've also checked the BIOS and options in there are already pointing to English too.

I have three of these PC's all doing the same thing so I'm guessing there is some sort of 'system' language setting which needs changing?


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if you look at my screenshot make sure both of the checkboxes I have arrowed are checked off:


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Thanks Kemical - that has resolved my issue

many thanks for your help - I had no idea these options existed in Win 8 (or what possible purpose they can have!)


These are the steps you need to take to change the language from French to English:
  1. Right-click on the start button in the lower right corner and click Control Panel.
  2. Click language.
  3. Click Add a Language.
  4. Select the language that you would like to add and click Add.
  5. Under the Windows display language header, it will indicate whether or not there is a language pack available.