okay I am done, I will create media to install it again sometime for now I let first my laptop, thank you very much for everything bro and if tomorrow my laptop is still not normal after the download I will contact you again, okay?once again thank you ;)


try to do that I hope it will work with you
Right-click on the Start menu icon and in the revealed list, choose "Command Prompt". Type:
sfc / scannow
press enter and wait for the results
you have to try several solutions

I have done it but the results are the same, there are no changes


Did you try recreating the media?
do you mean to reinstall windows?
I have done it but there is no change. and now I understand, first, if I press the f1-f12 button then the keyboard will not work and must restart if I want to function again, the second problem is not being able to drag and drop files.


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So you must have upgraded from windows 8 to windows 10 yes?

If so all you need to do is install windows 8 for now, then download the latest windows 10 iso. You can use the media creation tool to create either an iso (to burn to disk) or a usb install.
Download Windows 10

Once you have created your windows 10 install media on either disk or usb boot into the bios and change the boot order so that whatever you have windows 10 on (either disk or usb) is first in the boot order.

When your installing windows 10 and you get to the section about adding an activation key simply click 'I don't have one' and windows will activate automatically once your online.
This is because your windows 10 licence is stored online

thanks for provided download link the latest windows 10 iso.