Windows 7 Laptop not shutting off & fan issue


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We have a Asus K52Jc running Windows 7 Home Premium x64.
I started getting complaints that the laptop would randomly shut down. I took a look at it and found that the fan was seized and not cooling down the laptop. I ordered in a new fan and replaced it. The new fan works wonderfully, the only issue is that is seems to run full blast almost the entire time. (I installed speedfan and it says that the fan is running at about 5300 RPM) This starts with the little Windows flag when the operating system boots up and continues this way the entire time. I checked the task manager and not much is running, CPU usage is very normal..nothing high. Also the temperatures reported are low as well. The heat-sink was cleaned when I replaced the fan, so this is not the problem either.

Another issue I noticed after replacing the fan is that the laptop does not power off completely when Windows is shutdown. If I press the shutdown button on the start menu, it goes through the motions of shutting down, yet the fan keeps turning and the activity indicator buttons keep blinking. The only way to turn everything off right now is to press the button in for a few seconds until everything shuts off. Pressing restart works fine though.
-I ran windows updates and installed the updates.
-updated the BIOS to the latest version
-booted up in safe mode and then shut down from there (no difference)
I have also run a full scan with Malwarebytes in safe mode which did not come up with anything.
Also I have run a system file check as well a check-disk, neither of which have made a difference.
Do you feel Windows is incorrectly causing the fan to speed up, or the processor gets warm with the extra work? Since you say the temps are normal to low (assuming they are giving good info), I would assume you think Windows is the cause.

In Device Manager, System Devices, there may be entries for ACPI Fans or Thermal Zones. Perhaps checking the properties on those or the ACPI system might give you some information. If there are not any entries there, are there any entries in other sections.

Are there temperature limit settings in the Bios that might be adjusted to keep the fans from speeding up at the lower temps?

And no third party software is involved?