Laptop Slow, CPU is High!

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by Subject1157, Jun 14, 2012.

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    I've been having a lot of problems with my dell inspiron n5030 laptop with windows 7 64 bit and had to get a new hard-drive, plus do a clean install of windows 7. Now my laptop is running slow. I did some search and one site suggested I check my CPU. I did and it's very high, especially during startup. Within a few seconds it will go between 0% up to 79%! Processes say between 45-51 and physical memory says 26-48%.

    I've gone to run and typed in msconfig, there are only a handful of programs during startup and a few I was able to remove. What can I do to get my CPU to go down. I'm not going anything and when I do open a program like Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, Photoshop...etc it's very slow.
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    With the newly installed hard drive and a clean install of 7; have you checked/updated all the mobo chipset driver and any other driver that's need for all your hardware. Maybe a BIOS update might be in order.
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    The 79% processor usage is no problem. Processors are built to stand 100%, and overclockers know they can be pushed far beyond that. In fact, a processor goes [theoretically] 100% each time you you press a button - like a traditional light bulb does. Right now, I'm only running Google Chrome, but my eight core processor is running at 50% with each core. It's simply a matter of maximizing efficiency.

    Check what bassfisher6522 wrote. God bless, :)
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    saHi Subject1157

    Hope you are doing well. I am Rattan from Dell Technical Support. In regards to your Laptop becoming slow after the hard drive replacement

    Could you let me know if you have replaced the HDD with the same capacity or if you have increased the size and also the ram on your computer .

    Also windows 7 will automatically load certain drivers. Make sure you have installed all the required drivers

    Dell™ Notebook System Software
    Intel® Mobile Chipset Driver
    Intel® SATA AHCI
    Intel® HD Graphics Controller
    Network Adapters
    Bluetooth™ Driver and Stack
    IDT® Audio
    Dell™ Touch Pad

    You would be able to find these drivers online on

    if you have installed all the drivers, I would request you to go to control panel > windows update and check if there are any windows update. If so, please update all required updates and check.

    After that if the computer still gives problems and slow, please do let me know and let's see how we can go from there


    Rattan K Kanna
    Dell Technical Support

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