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Even through there are 17 shows in this week's look back, it was a quite week. This week the Channel 9 Studio is closed for a summer break, so it might be a slow week... We'll see...

Making the Case for using F# with Tomas Petricek

In this video Tomas takes time out of his busy schedule to explain 4 big reasons for using F# when developing software. He makes compelling arguments by discussing some of strengths of F# while couching these arguments in real world scenarios.

Tomas is just an excellent person who has a knack for explaining things really well. ...

TWC9: Windows 10 gets a date, Games, Gaming, Gaming Gear, OpenCV and more....

This week on Channel 9, Vlad and guest host Petri Wilhelmsen discuss the week's top developer news, including;

Monthly Catch-up: S83 with special co-host Josh Garverick

In this show, we go take a look at the current and future sprints. We also talk to Josh Garverick and see what he has been working on with something called 'Frankenbuild', Apache Cordova and we get an insight into Josh's world.

This month we cover:

[00:36] - Looking back in S83
[02:06] - Recent updates.
[03:11] - What is Frankenbuild? ...

Live from Microsoft Ignite: Mark Russinovich - Technology Introspective

When Channel 9 was Live at Microsoft Ignite, Rick Claus had the opportunity to sit and chat with Mark Russinovich, CTO of Azure and technical guru extraordinaire. Listen in for some cool insight into what has Mark excited about the Azure platform and what he believes are some of the most important updates to the platform with our recent round of releases. ...

Microsoft Innovation Centers: What is It and why its important.

Hi. I wanted to let you know about The Microsoft Innovation Centers (MICs) ...

Designing IOT Solutions using Microsoft Azure: An Overview

What does the Internet of Things (IOT) mean for your enterprise?

Watch this Microsoft Enterprise Services strategic briefing session to learn the fundamentals of Microsoft's IOT story and how you can apply these fundamentals to a range of key scenarios for your business industry such as Manufacturing, Operations, Retail, and Healthcare. This is a 200 level session will ...

What's new in Azure Resource Manager Compute Templates

Scott talks to Mahesh Thiagarajan about the new Azure JSON-based APIs for Azure that now include Compute, Network, and Storage. Orchestrating large system deployments is easier and more declarative than ever.

Using Redis Cache in ASP.NET with Pranav Rastogi

In this video Pranav shows us how to use an Azure Redis cache in our applications. It literally takes a little more than 2 minutes. I was so blown away with how easy it is to use this kind of advanced caching in our web applications. ...

Codename Goa: The Ins and Outs

@ScruffyFurn (Mickey MacDonald) is the man-in-the-know. He explains Codename Goa in more detail, the ins and outs, and shares tips on how to get going.

The Ins and Outs of Codename Goa

What's New in C# 6

In this episode, Robert is joined by Mads Torgersen, who takes us on a tour of the new features in C# 6 that aim at making your everyday code cleaner and clearer. Mads has spoken on this subject at both Build and Ignite. Mindful of this, Robert and Mads go beyond the demos and also talk about how and why C# gained these features as well as what role the open-source .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn") plays.

Node.js Tools for Visual Studio

In this interview I had the privilege of talking to super smart and talented Sara Itani about some of the awesome things recently added to Visual Studio to support node.js development. Not only do we dive into some of the tools available but we also go through the process of creating and deploying a node.js Express website. It is an awesome soup to nuts discussion and demo on the great work we are doing to support developers in Visual Studio. Best thing to do is download the tools and follow along! ...

Imagine Cup 2014 World Finals Intro

Want to relive the excitement of the 2014 Imagine Cup World Finals? Take a look!

BREAKPOINT: A Discussion on DevOps

DevOps is a popular buzzword these days, but really, what is DevOps? It means a lot of different things to different people. One thing is clear, however. DevOps is not a product or a process. It's a discipline that requires buy-in from the entire team, from stakeholders through to IT Operations to be successful and involves people, process and technology. On this episode of Breakpoint, Paul and Jonathan, with special guest Anthony Bartolo, discuss the discipline of DevOps and why it's an increasingly important topic for successful software projects.

Episode 9: Interview with Samantha Kalman

Level Up is a show devoted to game development. Each show will recap current news and events in gaming, deep dive with a game industry insider, and cover tips for programming or finding resources to help you with game construction. We would love to hear from you with feedback or suggestions for what you would like to see on the show, or just tell us about the projects you are working on. Write us at

In this episode, Soumow interviews Samantha Kalman, Founder and Studio Director of Timbre Interactive ....

7 Ways Your Server is Lying To You

OK, not quite 7 on today's show, but close enough! On today's episode of Data Exposed, Scott welcomes the always awesome Tom LaRock. Tom is Head Geek (what an awesome title!) at Solarwinds, an infrastructure monitoring and alerting tools company where he focuses on the database aspect of all that goodness.

Today Tom talks about some of the ways our servers might be lying to us. He explains that many of the tools out there never help you understand the root cause of performance issues. This results in a Band-Aid approach to troubleshooting and performance tuning, the end result of this being that the problem is never truly solved. ...

MVA Monthly: June 2015 Preview

Jerry Nixon and Matt Calder are back for this MVA Monthly edition and in today's episode they provide a quick recap of May’s content and preview for us what’s in store for the month of June. ...

Ping 244: More Cortana, Lara Croft, world's first 3D fabric printer

Welcome back to Ping! We talk about more ways to use Cortana, some new games for Windows Phone, the world's very first 3d fabric printer, and more stories that 'softies are pinging each other about...

[01:07] Celebrating Microsoft Solitaire ...

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