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A minor bitch but could we have some kind of forum indicator added to the lasted posts area so its clear which forum the post comes from… perhaps just a coloured icon, blue for 8, yellow for 7 and orange for 10?
I think that's a good idea. Harvesting topics may be laborious. Perhaps we still shouldn't look like an evergreen?
Does it really matter? I mean guy's come on most of us answer the post or at least try to regardless of what section it comes from. Surely ultimately it's about helping the end user?
I agree also....and yes it gives us, at a quick glance, what OS the poster is using. Otherwise you have to back track to find out what OS is being used...and that's just a PITA.
It can certainly be brought up for review but many times one has to end up asking the user anyway and don't get me started on those who just post in any section regardless of os.
While the current front page area you are describing may not be ideal, some of the design aspects do require a bit of preventing redundancy and preserving ample page space. I will definitely look into it, and have started to already, but there are a lot of changes that need to be made to accommodate this. It may well be that the time will come when we need to update the front page as a whole, to make it easier to navigate in general.
True is, what is ideal? But organizing never ends, not that I would claim to be the best in it. A small move may be a big step, it's mostly to get ones candle lit, and I think ussnorway hit a point there. No ideas of my own though, right now.
As a design issue, don't we already have redundant space being taken up by the photo icon that could be repurposed with minimum recoding; so for example…

Instead of this...........................We could have something like this​
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… purely offered as a suggestion.
Just to raise my nose again, I'd add W to them = goes W7, W8, even WXp since people have questions there, why not go all the way when W started? Probably something small for the Big Of Brains this Forum has? Colors wouldn't be impossible, or perhaps have the Windows logo there - that may be a copyright issue.