LAtest updates rendered my computer useless

So, someone please tell me how to fix the computer death windows updates caused? This is the third round of updates that have caused my computer to refuse to post upon turning it on. Every time I get 5 beeps and no picture and after a day I get it to finally work... Until this round. 5 beeps won't come on at all! Updates disable my graphics card updates and screw up my admin settings along with other issues. So someone please tell me how to get my machine to turn on so I can shut off updates permanently. Windows 7 is by far the worst windows product I have ever had!!!!! Please advise ASAP


Senior Member
Sorry you are having Update problems, I too am having a problem with updates but so far mine have allowed me to operate. Don't know if the security of my computer is at risk. Good luck soon some expert may come along to help you.

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