Windows 8 Learned something new!!!


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I'm using Mozilla Thunderbird for my e-mail client.

I'm annoyed by getting all the duplicate Link-back posts (some going clear back to 2010) mixed in with all my other stuff.

While trying to figure out if there was some way to block them, I found that I can make a folder in my inbox called Widows Forums, and have all my Windows forum mail placed directly in it without going to my in box.

I just created a folder and then selected the option to send anything from the specific address directly to that folder.

At least all the stuff will be in one place instead of filling up my inbox.

I may do this with several people that I get a lot of mail from.
It will be all sorted and can be left in those folders until I decide to delete them.

I suppose everyone already knows about and does this, but it's a new idea to me.

You never stop learning. LOL


Just came back to say that it worked so well that I created a folder for all my regular mail.

One for Amazon, Windows Forums, various people I know etc.

Now all my mail comes in presorted.

It indicates how many new messages in each folder and I don't have to sort through all the junk in order to find the mail I really want to read.