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    A torrent is a distribution technology that allows users to share files, videos, music, books, e-books or other electronic products that have text, pictures, or music. The torrents allow downloading of these files because users that have the files on their computer are able to connect with other users and provide a sharing operation. Users can upload or download the files. The issue is that many of the files that are downloaded have copywrites, and the downloads are without permission. In other words, the downloads are illegal.
    But ClearBits is a legal torrent. The downloads that are available there will not violate a copywrite. Users are permitted to download the files. ClearBits3-400x420.
    ClearBits distributes artwork, open-licensed digital media, and datasets for content creators. They also host creative content in its entirety. The produce reliable and fast downloads. They also enable users to directly sponsor content producers and their work. But in the area of legal content they distribute files with permission from the rights holders. They began operations in 2003. In 2010, the site changed names calling it LegalTorrents.
    Now they charge content creators for hosting and distribution. The have a voluntary group of supporting memberships for indivuduals who are interested in supporting Open Content publishing. They also help in the publishing, editing, and content reviewing on ClearBits.
    If you are interested in downloading files, ClearBits distributes content using bittorrents. They are indicated by a blue arrow on the site. When you click on the arrow, you can download content using a java applet from Using this applet will download the content to your computer. bitlet_allow-400x193. There are numerous types of files available on their site: movies, books, music, pictures, podcasts, graphic novels, netlable music, animations, and audio books, short form video, sounds samples and loops, and television.
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    Just found this one, hope it supports the topic so much...

    ClearBits focuses on "distributing content in partnership with Content Creators, and with their explicit permission." As such, using CC licences allowed them to utilize a pre-existing structure that gives content creators "the tools to specify how they want their content distributed."

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