Libraries on other hard drives?


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Windows libraries are cool because if you have your PS3 connected you share you media files and watch them on your tv or listen to them thru your suround sound... only problem is I have my Windows 7 installed on 80 gig hard drive that I had planed on only using for operating system and important apps, I have a 1 TB harddrive which I keep all my movies and music on

On the C: Drive With the OS you can right click and add a library... but on the D: a non OS hard drive that option is gone... and idea how i can create a meida sharing folder/library on another non OS hard drive ?


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Not sure why you can't. But I can add a new library to a storage drive. I didn't have the drive connected when I installed 7. After install I formatted in comp. management though. Not sure if that makes a difference. But the option for me is under the address bar to the right of organize. "Include in library" > "create new library". Your right though. I can't right-click add it though. :p