COMEDY Life threatening experience - maggot in fruit!


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I read this in the online edition of my local newspaper. I don't know what was expected by the woman who reported the story to the press but if she was looking for sympathy - the comments from readers appended to the story sum it all up nicely and as the comedy rather made my day I thought I'd pass it on!

Moment Hull mum finds disgusting creature wriggling inside Asda grape
The 'larva-like' creature wriggled around a pre-packaged fruit box bought from the popular Kingswood supermarket:


A Hull mum has revealed how she squealed in horror after spotting a moving insect wriggling around inside a fruit pot she bought from Asda.
Hull University student Tess was in the library tucking into a £2 berry medley fruit pot when she came across a white animal in one of the grapes.
The 38-year-old, who is studying nursing, said: “I was having the fruit pot as a snack and I had nearly eaten of all of it.
“I went to put the plastic fork in my mouth after picking up a grape and on the back of the grape was this thing.”

Tess recoiled in horror after spotting the moving creature wriggling around inside her grape
Tess, who was with a friend at the time of the discovery on Thursday morning, recoiled in horror and caused “a bit of a racket” in the library by screaming after spotting the “larva-like” creature.

A larva is a distinctive juvenile form animals such as amphibians and insects take before turning into adults.
Tess then took a video of the grape and sent it to her husband Steve. Later that day, he went to Asda in Kingswood – where Tess bought the fruit pot from – to confront staff. He was given a new fruit pot and £10 compensation for the distress caused.
But Tess is disgusted how an insect managed to get inside pre-packaged goods. “I cannot understand how that got through,” she said. “You expect it maybe when with lettuce as things might creep in and hide but for pre-packaged fruit it should have already gone through quality control.
She bought the berry medley fruit pot for £2 from Asda

“I don’t think it was a maggot but it looks a larva of some kind. It was full of life and it wasn’t nice at all.
“I think it’s appalling from Asda because it was still in date until Saturday on the box. I had already had one or two and you just don’t know whether I had already eaten one.”
Tess usually has porridge with her fruit pot in the morning but fortunately because the traffic was bad on Thursday morning she did not take time to take cereal with her.
She said: “If I had poured the fruit into the porridge I would never have seen it.
“It’s lucky that the traffic was really bad so I didn’t have time to take the porridge with me.”
Tess said she plans to return to Asda as it is the supermarket she uses to buy her children’s school clothes from. However, her shock find has put her off eating fruit in any form for the foreseeable future.
The Kingswood Asda store apologised and gave Tess's husband £10 in compensation
Tess said: “I don’t think I will eat fruit for a while – even anything pre-packaged. Even my friend couldn’t eat her food after seeing what we saw.
“From now on I will always be checking anything that is pre-packed and ready to eat.”
Asda has said it is investigating Tess' encounter but reassured customers that no other complaints of a similar nature have been received about the fruit pots.

Comments posted by readers:
1. A potential nurse causes a commotion because of a small piece of nature in her fruit.God help her when she’s in an operating theatre and she’s confronted by blood and guts.Get a grip woman.If I was the Asda manager I would have charged her extra for the fresh meat!

2. An insect larvae on/in fruit is the most absurd thing I've heard today. Whoever would have thought such a thing could happen; surely this is not a natural occurrence. Ten whole English pounds in compensation for this life changing event is clearly not enough; let's have Asda recompense her properly with a million or two and a full page apology in all the national papers.
It's a good job she's training to be a nurse and not someone who's squeamish and easily shocked otherwise they may have had to call a paramedic to revive her.