Limited Access Wireless? Cannot Connect to internet on only one machine!

So yesterday my internet was working fine, but today when I returned and got it out of standby, I could not connect to the internet. It says "limited access" when I try to connect to the wireless, and when I try to connect with an ethernet cable nothing happens.

If I troubleshoot, Windows is unable to resolve it. The problem it says is:

There might be a problem with the driver for the Wireless Network Connection adapter.

There might be a problem with the driver for the Local Area Connection Adapter.

Anyone know what I should do?

If I type in ipconfig into cmd it just says "Media Disconnected"

The internet works for my PS3, and the rest of my families laptops/desktops.

If extra information is needed for anything, just tell me and I will try to provide it.
A new idea. My limited access was result of loss of power to PC. After many hours, a friend got me to the command prompt (windows start key + r). At the
cmd:net localgroup administrators /add networking
cmd:net localgroup administrators /add local service

that's it. Restart and you are ready to use internet.
be careful to have a space before the /.

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