Linux all* (actually any flavor of Linux) where to get it?


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I'm fairly seasoned with Ubuntu as my favorite flavor, mostly for it's relative easy of installation and use.

But what about those who are new to Linux? I was without a hope myself and a few kind folks helped me along.

so let me return the kindness for any newbie wanting to see what Linux is about.

Q: Where do I get my Linux CD's, DVD's, USB drives or network installs?
A: I usually go to Distrowatch or I just received a USB drive from personally.
Distrowatch is basically a "all things Linux" location to keep up on the different flavors of Linux or to keep up on your flavors versions and updates, features etc., sells USB drives and more. It's easy to navigate as the TOP flavors of Linux that suite you.

I'd like to sell people on the idea that sells special USB drives that have persistence (you can run them from the USB drive without installing).

But Linux can be had anywhere. I just suggest going to each flavors official website to download the latest version of Linux.