Linux user switches back the windows 7

Well this is not easy for someone who enjoys linux as much as I do but I (keep in mind I have used computer sense the commadore 64) have to admit I have made the switch to back to MS with windows 7. I bought my new dellI 1564 with the intention with converting it to Ubuntu, however, I wanted to road test windows 7 for fun first and well Im in Im I will never replace my servers with windows server but as a desktop Im in. Its light, fast and actutlly well done. I like the theme managment and the memory managment even better. Dont get me wrong I still run all my other apps open source (open office, scribus, VLC media player ect). but I like the compatability and with going to collage this will make things allot easier as far as my online classes (I could do it in linux but the set up is not fun). Now don't get me worng windows 7 still has quarks, with permissions and security that are never going to go away. Im not fond of paying 55 bucks a year for ESET (yes I know there is free stuff but this is my computer and I take nothing to chance) with linux I checked for viruses once a month only but I did get carbonite online back up as well and that is a nice feature. long term, I just don't know what the future holds...I hate mac os and linux I have embraced (will always run linux server) but for now will use windows 7. I could talk about my whole history with MS and my stuggles with them (Im an MCSE, A+, network + and novell certified tech) but that would take way to long LOL. Bottom line is MS made a good product....not great......but good. (man this is painful for me to admit) but its healthy LOL:cool:


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I have tried every new version of Ubuntu since 7.04 on my old Desktop Computer. I really like the idea of it a lot and keep trying it every time. However, Not one of them has actually worked right. It must be something about my hardware. I've given up on it.

Now I have a new Laptop and I will never try to dual boot it. I've dual booted computers for years and found it to be a constant source of irritation. Never again.

Besides, Win7 is really sweet.

Why not running Linux on Windsows 7 in Virtual Box?

Make no mistake my friend, Im no MS fan, I have been working with MS products for years and its a love hate relationship. Im going back to school these days for Physical therapy. I want to work with Veterans (slacker3343 is a veteran as well) . I have had enough with running my own business and being all my friends and family computer tech (though that aspect will probably never change) the software I need to run will work (with some tweeking in wine) although its not very stable and I neeeeeed stable right now, it was never my intention to goto windows 7 but with its ease of use and simplicity (and I have had to have to work on a windows 7 computer) I figure for now its a slam dunk (I get pains all over just thinking about it but MS made a good product). My linux thirst will always be quanched with my personal web and file servers. I have considered running dual boot but not right now got enough to keep me busy with 4 kids, my business, collage again, and a house the needs work. Just not work all that extra time.


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windows 7 still has quarks, with permissions and security that are never going to go away.
If you are a power user and know what you're doing with a PC and feel confident you can protect it and know how to create system images/backups and use them. I do mean you are only user then you can disable that or make it less irritable. Just click your user icon on the Start and it is at very bottom. dubbed UAC

I finally gave up dual boot when I went with Win 7 64 bit, too much hassle and time keeping up with both but I can say been there done that got the t-shirt but why? when I can be doing other things.

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