List of everything you disable in Windows 7?

As the title states, I like to get a list of everything windows 7 user's disable in windows 7.
Example: Hibernation

Even hidden features that some do not know of.


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Windows 7 Service Configurations by Black Viper

Use with caution. I don't use it at all, but it could be useful for slower systems. You could always go the "performance" route and disable everything, including Aero and all desktop effects.

I'd like to know everything that W7 users disable for a second example: defragment schedule , hibernation, system restore , any other schedules that run automatically without user notification. not particularly services.


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As Mike stated, Many many services, UAC, Windows backup, Tablet PC and components and Games in optional features, Activity Center, Parental Controls, Windows Defender, Windows Firewall, Internet connection sharing, remote connect, Windows Search, readyboost

Do not download updates, let me choose.

Many more i can't think of at the moment.

In services:
Problem Reports and Solutions Security Center
Smart card
Smart Card removal policySuoerfetch
Windows Media Player Netowrk Sharing

All Media Center items becauses my TV card no longr works with my dual-tuner DirectTV recorder

I do use System restore as I'm a software junkie and that has saved my life many times. It needs Volume Shadow Copy service to be enabled also.


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Well I disable a whole bunch of stuff...

I disable the following services:
  • Indexing
  • System Restore
  • Shadow Copy
  • Security Center
  • Windows Firewall (Doesn't really work without security center anyway)
  • Telephony
  • Analog Modem Services
I disable the following Windows features:
  • All Fax and Printer options (No printer anyway)
  • Media Center (The player is enough for me, and I don't have a TV tuner... waste of time)
  • Internet Explorer (Firefox rocks :cool:)
  • Tablet PC tools
  • UAC
  • Windows Defender
Usually, I also hide all security updates... I'm never worried about getting hacked.

Although this is an EXTREMELY DANGEROUS operating environment to work in... I love it.

I don't ever expect to get any viruses from anything in Windows 7. I simply don't go to sites that I suspect will give me any, or spyware, malware, whatever. I don't use Antivirus software at all anyway. I like to live on the edge -- so to speak, hehe.:cool:

I have no problem reinstalling the OS if something goes horribly wrong... But 9.99 times out of 10, nothing ever does. Besides, that's what external storage is for. And I like to rub it in my friends' faces that my computer gets about a 10% boost in productivity from not having this stuff enabled. It starts faster, shuts down faster, and there's nothing to get in my way when I just want to do what I do on my machine. ;)

Thank You guys!
keep em coming :).

Here is one I disable.
Power Management for Network Controller.


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I disable:

Screen Saver, monitor shutdown and sleep.
All desktop animation, sliding or fading.
Windows Firewall since I use Eset Smart Security.
Media Center.
I'm very selective about the programs I allow to run in the background.

That's about all.

Not Needed

I have about 25 blogs here, which combined make about 3000 lines of text... a major portion of of the info is about turning off and optimizing Win 7 "features" There is also a link to an excelent website that will build a reg file you can click on and merge.... that will turn off or optimize about 150 services. This was designed for Vista. I have used the settings for several months without a problem.

They don't turn off all the stuff that Task Scheduler runs. You need to run Autoruns and start unchecking the boxes to disable those tasks easily. I have had all of my scheduled tasks turned off for at least a month. In fact I don't have anything turned ON that I can find that may be unnecessary or optional. I only run two programs at startup... StartupMonitor and IEmaximizer.

I also enabled the IE feature to watch for fake sites.. like eBay, PayPal ... the ones hackers try to setup fakes of to gather your loging name and password.

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