Live CD Windows 7/8/10 to trim XP laptop's SSD ?


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(please no advice to dump xp etc, I'm aware of the issues, this is not my question...thanks.)

So I'm wondering if it would be possible to benefit the trim ability of Windows 7/8/10, with a Live CD of one of those, on my windows XP SP3 laptop (using IDE mode, and NTFS file system) ?
Some of those Live CD are available on the internet, or I've heard you can make your own if you have a Windows 7/8/10 pc.
What do you think ? o_O


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TRIM only works when the operating system is able to tell the drive what is empty. If you're moving back and forth between operating systems (one that is on a live disk), I'm not sure TRIM would work properly in this way.


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Hi Mike,
I've red this advice several time for people in my situation: to put the ssd from time to time into a desktop pc that runs windows 7/8/10 to get it trimmed.
Not sure this is relevant as so many crap advices :eek: can be red on the internet, but maybe it's working?
That's why I thought the other way round: bring windows 7/8/10 to my Xp laptop with a Live CD.


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I just hope you've made all the necessary tweaks to Windows XP. XP is not meant to run on an SSD. There is an excellent guide to make your SSD live longer running with XP but I can't seem to locate it. It was published by OCZ.