Windows 8 Live Mail and blank E-Mail messages?


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This isn't necessarily related to Windows 8 but that's what I'm using.

A couple of times a week or sometimes more I will get blank e-mail messages.

They have a subject, and the senders name is there.

They can be from friends or from a commercial source.

Some times if it's a friend I'll replay saying that the message is blank and they will tell me that the message was there when I sent it back.

Even redoing the e-mail and sending it back to me still produces a blank message, while other messages sent at the same time from the same sender are OK.

These messages often have images of attachments but the entire message is blank, not even the written text shows.

It's not a big problem and I've had it happen for a long time on both my old computer and my new one, both using Windows Live Mail.

My wife uses Mozilla Thunderbird and she says that she never gets blank messages.

I just got curious as to whether other people have had this issue or know what's going on.

Hi Mike,

I have had that problem a couple of years ago but nothing like that recently. I have changed my email for most things to Gmail. Like it a lot.
Hi Dave

I found several items that were checked in my Security Settings that were different then yours.
I changed mine to match what you have.

We'll have to wait now and see if I get any blank messages.

Thanks for the help.


Things went from bad to worse.
Today I couldn't get Live Mail to send anything.

I receive but can't send and I'm still getting the blank messages too.

I gave up and installed Fire Fox and it seems to be working perfectly.

Tomorrow I'll have to transfer all my addresses but it did receive all my mail as soon as I logged in.

There were some of the same messages that were blank in WLM and they were all there in Thunderbird.

I'm not sure if I can export my address book and then import it in Fire Fox I'll check on that, otherwise I'll have to copy and paste them, one at a time.

I've had a lot of problems with Live Mail over the years, maybe Thunderbird will be better.

"I gave up and installed Fire Fox and it seems to be working perfectly."

Lost you on that one, Mike? So you are using Live mail through the browser , or?
Hi Dave.

No I'm using the Live Mail stand alone application, from Windows Live Essentials.
I have several accounts on it.

I switched to it a couple of years ago from Mozilla Fire Fox.
And I have had a lot of problems with it over the the time I've been using it.

It has a lot of features that are useful, like inserting images into the messages etc.

But I've had the blank message thing for a long time.
It seems to have been getting worse lately.

Now I'm having the won't send problem, which seems to be pretty common.

I tried uninstalling it with Revo Uninstaller and then re-installing it, but it is so invasive that when I put it back in it still picked up all the old data and didn't let me restore my account set up.

I also did a system restore, but it didn't fix it.

I bet that if I switched to a live mail account it would work, but I've had my Comcast account for too long, I don't want to have to tell everyone and every place that I'm registered that my e-mail has changed.

I suppose there's a cache someplace that could be removed if I know where it was so I could start clean again.

I used Firefox for years, but it doesn't have all the features of live mail, it does however work, so I'll stick with it for now.

I've always been able to go online and send and receive my mail with no issues.