Windows 7 LOATHE with a passion new (non) Search system


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Hi guys -- when something's not broken why fix it as the Engineers say -- I haven't yet been able to get the Library management / search facility to work properly. It might be OK if you just want to look for documents / pictures etc but I'm always "Hot swapping" discs (often quite large one's - 750 Gb - 1TB).

All I want to be able to do is just "Find file" in a free text form like find files named *.dog on DRIVE F only say.
There doesn't seem to be any way to do this --or if there is could someone please explain how to do it.
I'm using Build 7000 both X-32 and X-64.

The Library idea is fine in principle but trying to "Dumb everything down" doesn't always work.

It did seem to work in the M3 build (pre 7000) after a fashion but I don't have that any more so I can't show the screen shots.

This is the ONE feature on W7 that I REALLY HATE. However it's not (at the moment) a show stopper for me but could be later if I can't find files in a quick, timely and easy fashion.


Actally replying to my own post -- it does work but it's an abomination.
You enter the name of the file for example *.tib (Acronis backup files for example) and then yo get another screen where you can refine the search.

Still prefer the original XP search system however
I think I understand what you are asking. Let me know if this works.

Say you want to search for jpg files on drive F:. All you have to do is go to Computer (or Explorer) and browse the root of that drive (I mean just double click the drive or expand it). You'll notice at the top of the Explorer file browser there is a Search field. Enter your search there and hit enter. It will only search whatever drive you are currently in. There are additional filters you can select when you are entering something into the Search field.

I guess the key is you have to be within the part of your hard drive/partition/folder that you would like to search and then use the Search field in that Explorer windows. Another example is if you wanted to search all drives on your computer, go to Computer from the Start menu and use the search in that windows... It'll search all drives (A, C, D, E, etc).

I hope that helps. The same thing frustrated me when I went from XP to Vista, and I felt stupid when I finally figured out how to use the new search system.

BTW indexing your drives for searching is really helpful if it is a permanent drive in your system. It'll make your search results come up near instantly.
haha loathe with a passion, its not bad is it? #1RAGE sounds like he has the answer, did you manage to find your file?
i'm having trouble with searching actual file content. i know a key phrase is in a word document somewhere, but i can't find those documents anymore when i type the key phrase in...any one else with this?
probably the fastest search in a windows ive ever used one of the simplistic designs that gets what you need when you type it i have 750gig of media over 2 drives one is external and it searches thru all of it instantly.