locked out of my computer due to instant bosd

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)' started by berthebaud, Feb 8, 2014.

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    I recieved a call from and indian man saying he was from windows tech support and told me to check something so i did then i noticed it seemed a little fishy so i googled it and apparently they are cyber criminals so i hang up.

    Around 5 hours later i get an internet error 'limited access' so i logged off hoping it would fix in the morning so i come back in the morning to get a bosd every time i log in with 'registry error' so i tried reinstalling windows and now every time im about to get the log in screen i get a bosd with no message and it disappears very quickly.

    I am locked out of my computer, start up repairs come up with a bosd.

    This is a gaming pc which i love deeply, please someone help me!
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    yeah those idiots who make those calls really wind me up and I always give them hell whenever they make the mistake of phoning me..

    When you re-installed windows did you change the boot order so that you booted straight from the windows disk? If not, boot into your bios and find the boot order... Change it so that whatever your install media is (disk or USB) is first, eg: CDDVD.

    If you have already tried that then either you have a hardware problem or a virus. If you have access to another computer download and burnt to disk an anti virus app.
    The above link has information on how to change the boot order and a download for some ant-virus software. (you'll need to download and burnt it to disk)

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