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Windows 10 Locked out of my PC! BitLocker was enabled on it's own and I have no key


New Member
Nov 1, 2021
Hi all,
This happened on my dad's Acer 5 A515 laptop. as far as I can tell - he just opened the laptop one day and was locked out of his PC with the Bitlocker screen on. He never enabled it or set up a recovery key, let alone saved the key somewhere. perhaps some rogue update behavior or smthng.

Is there anyway around that? what's important is to save some files that are on the PC - other than I can format and reinstall.
Maybe a ransomware attack disguised in a Bitlocker lock out?

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I don't think so - the links on the bitlocker windows direct to actual ms support pages
I'd wager that clicked on something by accident and enabled it. I have yet to see ransomware leverage bitlocker as there would be no way to inform the victim they need to pay. There are ways to defeat bitlocker but it's extremely difficult with out expensive equipment and specialized skills. Basically need to open the computer and read and decode the data to locate the key.
so is there anything I can do? there are some really important files there...
Unfortunately no if the key isn't available then the system will need to be formatted.