Log off or shutdown?

I have a Toshiba Satellite Laptop w/3G Ram, , Vista Home Premium x32, AMD Turion 64x2. I would like to know, if any loss of info or damage to hardware and/or software would occur by never doing a shutdown, but rather just logging off then pulling the plug.

Very Curious!


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It's always better to try and do a 'normal' shutdown as apposed to a 'hard' shutdown. Over time this will can lead to serious problems with your rig. Hard drives will become damaged as well as really screwing with your os. My friends gave a pc to their children and because they continually turned it off at the wall socket it's life was seriously curtailed....

There are those who say you never need to shut down your machine and can instead leave it on "sleep" or "hibernate" when not in use. However I would never consider that myself. Certainly you should never "logg off" and then switch off the power at either the plug or machine. As Kemical says this can cause damage to your hard drive as windows needs time to close all running programmes and shut down. Sometimes certain programmes that may have been still running when you switch off the power can cause problems when you try to logg on again.

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