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    I know this should probably go in the networking subforum but it's kinda deserted and I need an answer fast.

    I have a 2012 R2 server (alone) and a Win 7 station. My login script is very simple, it's only a few net use commands (net use :G /delete - net use :G \\Server\Folder). But right now, these commands simply refuse to work. I'm always getting a "System error 67. The network name cannot be found".
    So at login it does not work. If I try running the .bat on the computer, it does not work. But it does work if I do it manually in the cmd. I've noticed that the difference is that when I do it in cmd, it's my account that runs it and when it's the .bat, it's the system.

    This seems like a permission issue to me. What permission though, I don't know. But here's the strangest part of this problem: The script used to work. When I made it last week, it was working perfectly. So that means something happened when I closed the server and restarted the old one. That one is on 2008 R2 and needs to be on during the week because I can't just switch everyone to the new one. I have to do all this on the weekends when there's no one.
    It's very possible that the old one interfered with the new one, as it has done so previously (had problems with setting the password policy on the new one because the old one didn't let it).

    So, any thought on how to fix the scripts?

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