Login with RemoteDesktop WITHOUT exit remote session possible?


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Assume a remote user (needing help) is logged in at a remote computer.

Now I am connecting from local computer to the remote computer by using the built-in RemoteDesktop Tool
and using his login account (password known).

At the moment when I login the session on the remote computer is automatically closed. the remote user cannot see anymore what I am doing.

Can I change this?

Can I connect through RemoteDesktop tool and let the remote user stay in his session?

I don't want to create a second account but use the remote users account.

Other remote desktop tools (e.g. TeamViewer) can handle this.

So it should be possible with RD as well....



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As far as I know, what you seem to want to do is called "Shadow the Console Session" and as i recall this is only possible using Windows Server running Terminal Services.
So your best bet is to stick with something like TeamViewer as you've mentioned above.