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Most people generally ask "How do you change the background picture of your login screen?" but I already have that figured out and want to ask, is there ANY way to move the user icon box? that is the only thing I really want to change, because it gets really annoying. If anyone knows how to move or make the user icon box transparent on the logon screen, it would be a great help. Thanks in advance!

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I fought that for awhile and finally gave up for now. Finally just went to better image where it all looks better cause I do have password set so I can better secure my pc and keep the normal users out or prying eyes.

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I haave password set, I just want to move the giant box, it gets in the way!


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You have to edit authui.dll and replace the pic under BITMAP>12223. If you replace the pic under BITMAP>12218-12222 it will not work. Nor will it work if you replace the image under IMAGE>14002 or IMAGE>14003. End result: when a Windows 7 PC is on a domain or when you have dont display last username required the normally blank tile has a custom logo in it!
Thats where to start looking.

thats all nice and all, but how do I do that? As far as I know, I cannot edit a dll unless I use some program like regedit.exe.
If you have tried doing this, do you think you could explain it in more detail?


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for edit dll you use something like Restorator 2007
Yes I have modded a few with Restorator like my image below. You can replace certain images in imageres.dll and spwizimg.dll and put that image on your startup, shutdown screens

Far as the moving the login box I have not figured it out where and how it's calling this certain image from that dll or how what we are really after to move it. No one has yet as far as I know.
heres mine that clashes a bit


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