Looking for feedback/Beta Testers for new eBook reader app for Windows 10


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Hi folks,
I am working on a new eBook reader app called "Aquile Reader". I felt there was need for a new modern looking app for Windows 10 after the departure of ebook support from edge browser, with Aquile Reader I am trying to address that gap. It's a very powerful reader with all the features you would expect from a reader, in case it is missing something I would be more than happy to add it.

Currently the app is in early access and privately published in the store, you can download from here - Get Aquile Reader (Early Access) - Microsoft Store

Would really appreciate some feedback.

Few screenshots -


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Initial reaction is "good" for a beta. Will update with further use. Just one early small point - clicking only in the page margin is a bit restrictive - I would prefer to click anywhere in the page rather than have to locate the mouse on the page edge (or second page where two page display is being used) to move on to the next page.


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I was searching for a long time for this kinda app. The interface is really impressive but is there no any full screen function while reading?