Loud humming/buzzing sound from speakers


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Hello everyone.

My speakers are MS/ML-T508, and when I turn them on, they are humming very loudly. This problem appeared only when I woke up today and turned on my PC. Everything was fine yesterday.

I included the model of my speakers and the sound they are playing in the attachments (I recorded the sound with my phone, so the quality is kind of bad. If you can't hear anything, turn up the volume on your speakers). Please note that my twin stereo output speakers are fine and the sound is coming from the big box in the middle (Don't know the name of it), and the sound is playing whenever I turn it on (It doesn't matter if it's plugged in the PC or not).

Thanks in advance and if you need any more info on the problem, I'll share it. And feel free to move the thread if it's in the wrong sub-forum.

UPDATE: The speakers are dead.


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It was probably a ground loop, but it sounds like the speakers died so you have your answer.