Windows 7 Lower Fps with Gtx 280


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Hello people,

I'm experiencing some weird issues that i've never heard from anyone about windows 7 before. Because all said ''w7 is increasing fps and dx11 helps a lot''

My operation system is;
Windows 7 32 bit (didnt try 64 yet)
4gb G-skill 1066mhz @ 4 4 4 12
Intel e8500 @ 4.2ghz
Zotac gtx 280 Amp
Driver; Nvidia 185.20 Beta

Gta4; I've installed the patch and im getting around 25-27 fps with windows 7, i was gaining 45-50 min 35 on vista 32
Crysis warhead; Same as gta 4; having 30-32 fps while i was around 55 fps (gameplay is slower its noticable)
Command and conquer tiberium wars; 32 fps and it wont get increased. Especially after launching bombs, its going down to 1fps for 10-15 seconds.

I'vent tried any other games because i thinkz they will be similar.

What am i doing wrong? I've installed net framework 3.5 sp1 beta for windows 7, and C++ 2008, got the beta drivers as well (it was much worse with windows 7 ish updated drivers)

Any solution is welcome.

Use the latest Vista drivers. The beta drivers ARE the official Windows 7 drivers (Meaning WDDM 1.1 instead of 1.0), however they offer lower performance than Vista's drivers.

Also, try and find a current DX10 update, it's possible that Windows 7 comes with DX10 shell, as Vista came with DX9 shell instead of full DX9.
Thnx, using latest official vista drivers that installed in Vista compatible mode has fixed my problem. Now i got back the nice fps, also better than the vista. But didnt update with the dx10. Is it really necessary ?

Thank you again
Probably not necessary, as I'm not even sure if Windows 7 is using a shell or full install, but it couldn't hurt.