mac address problem

in my wirelesee network i must change mac address for my wireless card to connect this network
i'v tried alot of method but no one can make it
at the end i've known that windows 7 have limitition for mac address
now i want to know a way to break this limitition or method to change it


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The only reason you might have to change a mac address is if the router to which you are connecting is operating mac address filtering. Is the router to which you are connecting under your control? If so has it got mac adderess filtering enabled?

hello patcooke
excuse me can you explain more if you can
thank you

no the router not under control
and i wnat tell you some thing if i could change mac i can connct

If you don't control the router, we can not help you further. It seems you're trying to gain access to service not intended for you. If I am wrong, please take it up with the Administrator of the router. He or she can add your current mac address to the whitelist. We do not offer help with spoofs, cracking or hacking here. Thanks.

well but i want tell you some thing i changed mac for wired connection and i can connect to internet
and in winxp i can change both
any way thank you all

in this network i have one mac and user name and password

How is it possible that you are physically wired to the router, yet you don't control the router?

Is someone else allowing you access, such as a neighbor in another apartment?

As I said though, whomever owns the router can either remove you from the blacklist or add you to the whitelist, depending on how the router is setup.


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If you need any further help with this problem you need to tell us exactly what the situation is - who the router belongs to, what sort of access you have and especially whether or not your access is with the full knowledge and permission of whoever owns it. This is necessary not only because it enables us to give accurate advice but also to ensure that we are not supporting some illegal or hacking activity. (I'm not suggesting that you are but the circumstances you describe do sound a little strange).

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