Machine starts by itself

Machine is set to sleep mode, goes to sleep at the set time of 30 minutes, case power light is off, fans off.
At about 5 minutes re-start and then turn off right away, power light stays on, fans stays off.
Inboard IR doesn't turn machine on by remote, can turn on and off before case power light stays on.
Every 10 minutes start and turn off right away. All this while network cable is connected I can only turn machine on by power button If I disconnect the LAN cable, machine stays in sleep mode and case power light is off. Machine can be turn on by IR remote, wireless keyboard or power button

All this happens while the rest of my machines are off, therefore I don't think is been turned on by a packet

This are the settings I can find related to LAN, unless there is some settings hidden somewhere.

At BIOS in power settings: After Power Failure (Stay off)
Wake on LAN from S5 (Stay off)
ACPI Suspend State (S3 State)
EIST (Enable)
Wake system from S5 (Disable) At OS: Intel Gigabit Ethernet Adapter: Power Management:
Power saving options:
All 3 boxes checked
Wake on LAN:
All 3 boxes unchecked

Specs: M/B DG45ID, CPU Intel E 7200, Mem A-data 2 GB, 1 sata HDD, Sata BD player, OS Vista Ultimate
Network is set as follows: Cable Modem to D-Link 524: 2 wireless PCs:
1 Win XP
1 Dual boot XP/Vist
3 wired PCs: 2 Win XP
1 Vista
Xbox 360

I am only having this issue with this specific machine.


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oops.. Ok, I can see you've really tried to get to the bottom of this problem. There are other things that can cause the problem. I'm going to give you an article and you can check each thing out. Troubleshooting Microsoft Windows Vista Sleep and Hibernate If for any reason this doesn't work, someone said to me, that they actually make restore points after each update because of trouble with hibernation. It seems to work...

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