Main computer can not access other networked computers


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I have 4 computers'

"Main" on Work - Network 5
"Spare" on Work - Network 2
"3rd comp" on Work - Network 2
"Laptop" on - Home network (wireless)

All networked computers can "see" all 4 computers EXCEPT Main can not access any of the other 3 computers.

Would it have anything to do with "Network 5" on the main being different that Network 2 on the other computers?

Also is there a way to wipe out all networked computers and start from scratch so there all on the same Home/Work network with the same number for the network.


First, I take it since you are on a Windows Forums help site that you are running a flavor of Windows 7, yes?

Would it have anything to do with "Network 5" on the main being different that Network 2 on the other computers?
Yes. (I have the a similar issue that I am going to be posting about, shortly.)

Microsoft made it a little easier to allow computers on the same network to be linked together and share the same files, folders, and peripherals (printers, external hard drives, scanners, DVD & Blue Ray players and recorders, etc.).

First, go into your Network & Sharing Center by RIGHT clicking onto your Network Icon indicator and selecting the Open Network and Sharing Center window.

Second, once the window pops up click on the link directly to the right of the "HomeGroup:" indicator (it should be in blue).


under Change Network Settings (in blue), click on Choose homegroup and sharing options.

Either option will lead to to a straightforward page on how to enable or change your HomeGroup settings so that all of you computers can "see" each other.

Make sure that this is done FIRST on your PRIMARY computer!

This is because you cannot have conflicting passwords and setup for a HomeGroup to work properly. It is a hierarchy issue with computers. One computer must be first...the rest will follow.

Lastly, use the SAME password provided to you by Windows when you setup the group upon your primary (Main?) group initialization. You can share Pictures, Music, Videos, Documents and Printers, if you so choose by checking (saying yes to) or unchecking (saying no to) each box in front of the words. Then go around to the other computers and retrace the same steps.

Would it have anything to do with "Network 5" on the main being different that Network 2 on the other computers?
I have not needed this particular option under Windows 7 thus far. I am basically utilizing my network to get access to the internet and the outside world. However, I am thinking yes. Maybe your question will be better answered once I posted my reason for accessing this forum today.

Hope this helps...


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I have had all my computer networked but somewhere along the line my main computer can't see the other ones. And from what I can tell the main computer has all the same sharing boxes ticked.

Is there a way to delete all sharing on all computers and start from scratch?

Yes, I believe if you go under the Control Panel >> Network and Sharing Center >> HomeGroup (link is located lower right hand corner of the Network and Sharing Center window) and click on where it says "leave the homegroup..." on all the computers you want connected to the HomeGroup you can then start over.

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Thanks and Merry Christmas to you!

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