Making and Booting from a USB flash drive


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I'm using an HP laptop and made a bootable flash key with the Microsoft utility (which I downloaded from Microsoft) to make a Windows 7 installation. I (supposedly) changed the boot order in the bIOS to look first at the key. Didn't work - booted directly into Windows 7 (seemingly bypassed the bootable key).

1. How do I tell if the USB key is bootable?
2. What might be the reason(s) why my laptop won't boot from the USB key?

Thank you............


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If this is the tool you are talking about (see attachment)
Then the contents of the bootable USB device should look like this. (see other attachment)
As far as why it won't boot from the device you might want to try one of the F-Keys during post, sometimes F11, but can vary based on make and model of your particular computer but you may see it noted on the post screen as press F11 to select boot device or words to that affect.


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'Yes' on both thumbnails. I'll try the F11 method. Thanks.........

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