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I have configured the latest version of Malwarebytes Antimalware program to make full
scan of my pc every day and when the scan finishes, a message appears saying i must restart
my pc for the cleaning process to finish. Can i disable this message? If yes then how?


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An mbam scan results in a number of possible options requiring user input responses depending on the results of the scan so I don't see the point of trying to ignore any messages - you don't get the information output by the scan and you don't take any action in response so why run mbam in the first place?


That message is part of the malware/spyware removal process.....which is telling you, it found some bad stuff and to remove the rest of the bad stuff a restart is required and the message popping up is telling you just that and to confirm the action request click OK or YES.

If you don't follow this process, then the malware/spyware will not get removed and like Pat said... then running the scan is pointless.


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Yup it's part of the cleaning process do not disable and follow the apps instructions.

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