Windows 10 Marked text, press caps lock to make the text to caps


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Got no idea if this is right thread, but i got this idea.

when u mark texts, you can just press caps lock to make everything in caps, and ofc toggle so hitting caps lock again will make the text small again

Someone make this happen, because its not a stupid idea.


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Hi and welcome to the forum :up:

Not sure I'm understanding you. Are you sharing a "tip" with all of us forum users, or are you suggesting that someone like Microsoft fix this and it's a problem?



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This sounds like an enhancement request to Microsoft. If that is the case you should probably tell Microsoft. This site is not owned, operated or monitored (probably) by Microsoft.


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It was just to get the idea out there, see what people think about it, idk where to contact microsoft for that, there was a link on theyre page but it didnt exist


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I think this is more of an application specific feature than an OS feature.

In MS Word you can change the case of selected text with Shift+F3 (lower case -> 1st letter upper case -> upper case).


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This would be certainly doable, from c++ or C# you could do the following.
  • Implement a program with a keyboard hook to capture your key combo you want to use to make text all upper or all lower
  • Call GetForegroundWindow windows API to get the handle to the current window with focus
  • Call the Windows API GetFocus to get the handle to the focused control
  • Call SendMessageW API with EM_GETSEL to get the selected text
  • Would need to keep track of what state you are transitioning to for each known process and then convert the text accordingly
  • Send the converted text back to the control (not quite sure how to do this, but I'm sure there is a API call you can use in user32.dll