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Windows 7 media center crashed?!?!


New Member
Feb 28, 2009
i just got started using the media center on my pc to record tv programs .tried to use it today and i get an error saying "media center has stopped working" i cant watch live tv or watch anything i have recorded.i made sure my tv card is still working by downoadng a free version of sage tv and it works fine.has anyone else ran into this problem and what can i do to fix this ? by the way i like the media center a lot better than sage .also whie i am ??? is vista media center anything like 7
Hi guy
Try reloading the driver again for your TV card and then start the setup again for Live TV.
Doesn't matter if it BSOD's one or 2 times -- just keep re-booting until setup finishes.

Then it works fine

I'm using Hauppage HVR-900H USB stick and it works fine (The Hauppage WIN TV application won't work yet on W7 X-64).

My only problem with the Media center for TV watching is that I can't switch it to accept Composite Video -- but for watching TV channels (Digital - Freeview in the UK) it's fine.

Enc shot from SKY News (Cricket shot for anybody in USA)

i have reinstalled drivers i am using a hauppuage 1800 .also i downloaded a free tv dvr program sage tv and it works fine .also did a reinstall upgrade of 7 to see if that would work .but it didnt any other suggestions?:cool:

what is bosd
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