Windows 8 Media Center stutters & freezes


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Mar 14, 2009
Just installed Win8 Pro and bought the Media Center add on. I run an i7-3770k, 16Gb ram, GTX 780 3Gb video card and have 2 25" monitors. Now when I play a game on display 1 and have Media Center running Live TV on display 2, Media Center stutters, freezes. As soon as I close the game on display 1, Media Center runs fine.

Now I did this all the time under Windows 7 and had NO ISSUES AT ALL running a game on one screen and MC running live TV on the other.

Any reason MC acts this way under Win8?


I might be able to check some things tomorrow, but for now I have some questions..

What outputs are you using on the GTX 780 and how do you have the multiple monitors set up in the Nvidia control panel? Windows 8 does handle multiple monitors differently than Windows 7 so it might be related to that.

When you say you are watching live TV, do you have a tuner card and if so what slot is it in? If no tuner card then how are you watching it.